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As a certified yoga teacher and movement coach my practice involves inviting students to drop into their bodies through movement that is connected to a thoughtfully curated, soul stirring playlist. Styles I currently teach include heated Vinyasa, Power Vinyasa, Slow Flow, and Sculpt. When I'm not teaching you'll find me tapping back at SoulCycle or clearing my heart at The Class by Taryn Toomey. I am obsessed with any practice that combines music, mindfulness, and movement. 

Where I Teach:

Down Under School of Yoga 

I also host private, carefully curated classes for individuals and groups. 

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Mondays 9am @ DUY South End

Heated Flow is a powerful dynamic sequence demanding rhythmic breath and personal evolution. In 90+ degree heat and humidity, Heated Flow classes ask you to understand your relationship to intensity and challenge. In exploring your physical, emotional and mental edge, you will need to cultivate focus, curiosity, and compassion, so that what starts as a struggle becomes a source of self-knowledge.


Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:15pm @ DUY South End

Flow is a challenging, joyful Vinyasa practice that connects movement to breath in a vigorous sequence of yoga poses. The class cultivates deep physical opening and absorption of the mind in the rhythm of breath and body. Flow classes introduce inversions, more challenging backbends and arm balances and move at a moderate to fast pace, so knowing the basics is helpful.


Thursdays 9am @ DUY South End

Vinyasa yoga with resistance training and cardio moves. Set to upbeat music, this class will work your total body in a warm room (90-95 degrees). Small hand weights and resistance bands are recommended.


Virtual & In Person

Private and small group yoga and movement classes created to meet you where you are. Whether you are looking for a class to help you get back into a movement practice or planning an event with friends or colleagues, we can work together to craft a class or series of classes just for you.

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